Wellness center Montis awaits you at 1410 metres above sea level, where the soul merges with nature.

Relax in the warm embrace of the highlands, where we offer you to satisfy all your senses with our help.

*Entrance to our wellness is only allowed for guests aged 16 and over.


Water activities


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You can enjoy four different types of sauna: steam sauna, Finnish sauna, bio sauna and infrared sauna.


An ice geyser is available, where you can cool down your skin after a sauna visit and make an ice peeling.


Water activities

Relaxation is ensured by using a massage pool with 35 ° C and the use of ambient showers, which allow alternating jets of hot and cold water to flush out negative effects, improve blood circulation and fill the body with invigorating energy.

There is also a small outdoor pool to cool down after a sauna visit.




We only use cold pressed and unrefined oils for our massages, which take care of, and nourish the skin.

With various massage techniques, we offer a beneficial effect to circulation of the skin, muscles, and organs, and stimulate the tissue to relax and regenerate.


What kind of massages do we offer?


House massage Golte

Back and leg massage with herbal oils. Suitable for relaxing after an active day. Offers deep muscle relaxation.

Foot massage

Relaxing foot massage with a nourishing cream. Let yourself be pampered and you'll feel like you're walking on fluffy clouds.


Reflex foot massage

Stimulation of reflex points to alleviate the problems of your whole body.

Mountain fairytale

Gentle massage, perfect for pampering in the embrace of the mountains - back, arms, legs.

Vital back massage

A stronger massage, after which your spine will be reborn and more vital.


Vital full body massage

A firm massage of the back, arms and legs. It is recommended for people who are used to massage, as it is stronger and can cause a painful reaction in areas that are tense and constricted.


Massage with volcanic rocks

Volcanic stones, heated to about 50 degrees C, heat deep tissues, helping to speed up muscle regeneration and relaxation. Ideal for people who are usually cold, and after being active on the white slopes. This massage is not recommended for people with varicose veins.elo telo.



Back + reflex foot massage

A combination of back massage and massaging reflex points on the feet that relax the whole body.

If you would like to book a massage, call us at +386 3 839 1100 or write us an email to booking@hotelmontis.si.