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The Wellness Center Montis at Golte welcomes you at an altitude of 1400 meters, where the soul merges with nature.

After a refreshing mountain hike or a delightful exhaustion from winter skiing, we offer you a spacious and modern relaxation center. Here, in addition to saunas, you can enjoy a massage pool, an outdoor pool, an ice fountain, and a diverse selection of classic and sports massages, treatments, and herbal therapies. Our friendly staff is available to assist you throughout your wellness experience and will accompany you to the dressing rooms upon arrival, where you will receive robes and all the necessary instructions for your perfect experience.

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On cold days, a hot sauna is just what you need – choose from Turkish, Finnish, or infrared saunas. A special alpine experience awaits you in the herbal sauna with aromas of native mountain flowers from the surrounding peaks.

Water experiences

A large massage tub and an outdoor pool with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and alpine meadows offer a place for complete relaxation after sports activities or a simple escape from everyday life, surrounded by untouched mountain idyll.

Ice delights

The ice fountain and cold bath for traditional kneipp treatments pleasantly invigorate circulation and mood. During the use of relaxation treatments, we recommend visiting spacious lounging areas with comfortable loungers and a wide selection of refreshing herbal drinks, juices, and fresh fruit.


A sensual massage with flowing massage movements takes you into the world of waves. Alternating between intense and gentle movements will help you release physical tension and the pressure of negative stress. A back massage will relieve physical tension in the neck and back, while reflexology foot massage will promote internal balance and harmony. A perfect escape for everyone.

Honey massage

A holistic massage that relaxes the atoms of body, mind, and spirit. The introductory ritual (foot bath and head massage) releases initial tensions. It is followed by a honey back massage, which ensures thorough skin circulation and removal of impurities. With a selected aroma blend of oils, the massage of the back, legs, and arms will completely relax your muscles and joints, soothing your last thoughts. A thorough neck massage adds the finishing touch.

Facial care

After an active day in the sun and wind, the skin's balance is disrupted, the hydrolipidic barrier is damaged, and the skin becomes dry, making it look tired, dull, and lacking energy. Improve your skin's appearance with professional products containing natural active ingredients. With selected products, your skin will be cleansed and nourished. Your skin will look beautiful and radiant, and it will feel firmer and more elastic to the touch.

Hot stone massage

The healing power of stones will have a soothing effect on your body. The welcome ritual with a foot bath and head massage relieves you of the fast pace of life and gently guides you into the experience of a hot stone massage. It awakens nerve endings in the skin, promotes circulation, and consequently relaxes muscle tension.

Complete relaxation

The Montis Wellness Center at Golte offers you a rich experience of comprehensive relaxation for all your senses. In the peace and quiet of the high mountains, find your inner calm once again, and return to the valley rejuvenated and radiant with new energy and enthusiasm.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do I book a sauna or massage appointment?

We advise you to book your selected treatments well in advance (e.g., when booking your hotel room) so that we can ensure appointments that suit your preferences. We are available from Monday to Sunday between 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM. We will be happy to assist you and reserve your appointments by phone at +386 3 839 11 01 or via email at
How should we prepare for entry into the world of saunas and aromatic relaxation?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your reserved appointment so that you can relax and prepare for your massage, sauna, or use of the massage tub in peace. We recommend that hotel guests come to our ground-floor facilities already wearing bathrobes and slippers. External guests can receive bathrobes and locker keys at the Wellness reception. After a discussion with your therapist, you will prepare accordingly for your massage or treatment, and you will be able to change and wear disposable underwear on your own. During the massage, only the body parts being treated will be exposed; the rest of your body will be covered with soft, warm towels.
What are the rules for using the Wellness area?

In the sauna and pool areas, we kindly ask you to consider other guests. To maintain a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, please turn off your phones and tablets and keep conversations at a low volume. Entry into saunas and pools is not allowed for children under the age of 14. We appreciate your understanding, as these areas are intended for rest, tranquility, and relaxation.

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