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Wellness Hotel Montis is located in the heart of the Savinja Valley. You can easily access it with a cable car in Žekovec (the cable car is free for all hotel and apartment guests), which takes you directly to the reception within 8 minutes.

The entrance station for the cable car is located 17 km or 20 minutes drive along the asphalt road from the exit from the Šentrupert motorway in the direction of Mozirje. At the lower station of the cable car there are over 1,000 organized free parking spaces and parking for motorhomes. Right next to the lower station there are special parking places reserved for hotel and apartment guests.

With the cable car, you will climb an incredible 1,000 meters in 8 minutes, as it takes you from the altitude of 490 m straight to the hotel,

located at an altitude of 1,410 m, and gives you breathtaking views of the Savinja Valley.The length of the cable car is 3,265 meters, making it the longest cable car in Slovenia.

In normal weather conditions, you can also access the hotel with a car. The route is extended by 10 km and 20 minutes. The road has a high incline, many sharp bends, the last 800m of the road is gravel.


The number of parking spaces at the top is limited, therefore we recommend using the cable car. Parking behind the hotel and in front of the apartments is only for the delivery of luggage and is free of charge for hotel and apartment guests for 1 hour.

Working hours of the cablecar:

Every day, every full hour from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

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