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Survival in nature

In the wilderness, sometimes conditions force us to remember the activities of our ancestors and rediscover long-forgotten skills and survival instincts. Such a trial helps us better understand and respect nature and also gain self-confidence.

Bushcraft at Golte is a unique wilderness survival course in which you embark on an orienteering hike without a compass through the Golte plateau to the breathtaking lake at Treh plotih, where you’ll have a view of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Along the way, with the help of a guide, you gather wood suitable for starting a fire, and the guide will then teach you how to cut the wood to make it easier to spark a fire. Along the way, you’ll also find herbs suitable for tea and learn about mushrooms and other wild foods available in the wilderness. At the end of the experience, you’ll start your own fire and brew your herbal tea. Bushcraft is suitable for families (with a specially adapted knife and axe program for children), as well as for team-building or couples’ activities. Bushcraft can be done in all seasons – from spring to autumn, herbs are available, and in winter, you’ll need to make more effort to find suitable food for survival, but the satisfaction is even greater because lighting a fire in snowy terrain is more challenging but quite rewarding.