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12 kilometers of well-maintained ski slopes, a sledding hill, and modern ski lifts.

The Golte Ski Resort is located at an altitude ranging from 1,280 to 1,576 meters and covers an area of 50 hectares. It comprises over 12 kilometers of well-groomed ski slopes where skiers and snowboarders indulge in their snow adventures.

Our technical team ensures safe and comfortable skiing, and you can reach out to them directly at the resort anytime you need assistance. Ski slopes are regularly maintained, and we add artificial snow to the natural snow cover using a snowmaking system, which is installed on most slopes. The ski pass includes a round trip on the cable car. With hourly ski passes, the return to the valley is not time-restricted on the day of use. At the lower cable car station, there is a large parking area for cars, buses, and motorhomes.

With the cable car, you’ll ascend an incredible 1,000 meters in just a few minutes, as it takes you from an elevation of 490 meters in the village of ┼Żekovec directly to the hotel. When you arrive at the top, the ski slopes are just a few steps away, eliminating the need to carry your ski equipment.

Golte Ski Resort is family-friendly, offering affordable skiing for the whole family with family ticket packages. In the 2021/22 ski season, Golte Ski Resort received the award for the Best Ski Resort in the category of medium-sized ski resorts. In 2019, we celebrated 50 years of Golte Ski Resort’s operation.

With a wide range of ski slopes of various difficulty levels, Golte Ski Resort is loved by both experienced skiers and those who are just starting out. Children can make their first ski turns on the children’s playground with a conveyor belt, and they can further improve their skills on the Morava slope. The Morava slope is easily accessible from the Alpine Garden and is equipped with a ski lift. For beginners on Morava, we offer affordable daily skiing with daily ski passes for this slope only.