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Places to visit in the surroundings

Wellness Hotel Montis is located in the heart of the Savinja Valley, which hides a wealth of cultural and natural heritage.


Logar Valley is one of the most beautiful alpine glacial valleys in Europe. Relax in the serene environment of the landscape park, where you can go hiking, cycling, and admire the mighty Alps. The valley is also known for numerous waterfalls, with the 90-meter Rinka waterfall being particularly famous.


Mozirski Gaj is a park of flowers where you can see blooming flowerbeds, ethnographic objects, climb an 18-meter viewing tower, or view wooden sculptures and characteristic ethnographic elements of the Upper Savinja Valley. Every December, Mozirski Gaj creates a Christmas fairy tale with thousands of Christmas lights that captivate visitors.


Terme Topolšica is a modern spa and recreational center near the village of Topolšica. In Terme Topolšica, you can enjoy thermal experiences throughout the year. Immerse yourself in healing thermal waters, savor a rich culinary offer, and breathe deeply in the beautiful green nature.


The necropolis is located in the center of Šempeter in the Savinja Valley and is an open-air museum. It combines the impressive tombs of Romans, each with its own fascinating stories from Roman mythology. The burial site was discovered by chance in 1952, and the reconstruction showcases the remains of tombs belonging to wealthy families that lived in this area.


Fontana Piv Žalec is a tribute to the hop-growing heritage of the Lower Savinja Valley, the center of hop production in the country. It is located in the town park, in the city center, near the market. You can taste six different Slovenian beers brewed from Styrian hops at its six taps.